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A nostalgic look at Heloise, top left, a publicity photo of Heloise's mother, the first Heloise, top right, Heloise as a child with her mother, bottom center, Heloise.
Today, the high-flying Texan owns her own hot-air balloon. Heloise shares her life with her husband, David, a plumbing contractor who was one of the country's first commercial hot-air balloonists.

Her home in San Antonio doubles as her base of operations. She has five full-time assistants who sort and file the thousands of hints received from her readers each month. Her staff of five helps research and test new housekeeping hints before they are suggested to Heloise's vast audience through her columns. When mail runs especially heavy (as it frequently does) the regular office staff is supplemented by as many as six part-time workers.

Heloise also enjoys spending time with her small zoo of animals which includes Cabbie, a miniature Schnauzer, Rocky, a military macaw; and JD (John Doe, a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab), who adopted Heloise and her husband. As she says, "I don't own them, they own me and I love it!"

While Heloise loves ballooning, she keeps her feet on the ground in every other way. She remains unspoiled by her own international fame, and takes media attention with "a whole box of salt."

People magazine called her "the world's best-known housekeeper" and even though she wears the title well, she still says, "I'm not a fanatical housekeeper like most people may think. My philosophy is always to pick up the big chunks and keep things neat. No one is going to look inside your oven, heaven forbid! If they do, they deserve what they find!"

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