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April 15, 1951. Waco, Texas.

Home and office
Box 795000
San Antonio
Texas 78279-5000

Syndicated column
Hints From Heloise, appears seven days a week in more than 500 newspapers in the United States and internationally.

Contributing Editor and columnist for Good Housekeeping ("Good Advice:  Heloise to the Rescue").


  • Get Organized With Heloise (2004)
  • Heloise Conquers Stinks and Stains (2003)
  • In the Kitchen With Heloise (2000)
  • Heloise's Hints for All Occasions (1995)
  • Heloise's Household Hints for Singles (1993)
  • Heloise from A to Z (1992 - Revised 2004)
  • Hints for a Healthy Planet (1990)
  • All-New Hints from Heloise:  (1989 - Revised 2004)
  • Heloise's Beauty Book (1989)
  • Help!  From Heloise (1982)
  • Hints from Heloise (1980)


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Heloise in front of a publicity photo of her mother, the original Heloise.
Heloise is seen and heard on national and local TV.  She makes frequent guest appearances on ABC's The View and NBC's The Today Show.

Lecture circuit
"The expert the experts rely on," Heloise makes numerous speeches to business and civic organizations.



National Mental Health Association's first Mental Health Mission Award for outstanding contributions to mental health education.

Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus Award

Women in Communications Headliner Award

Special Interests
Battered Women's Shelters, the USO and many animal adoption organizations

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