Readers Respond:
Oldest Working Appliances

Dear Readers:

Here are the winners of the "Oldest still working appliance quest!"

Ten to fifteen thousand of you sent in letters and photos last year! It took a long time to go through the mail, but it was so much fun looking at all the photos and reading the stories that went along with so many of them.

We were pleasantly surprised with the large number of appliances that have lasted well over 50 years. Here's a "toast" to the oldies but goodies!



<---  First place, with the oldest working appliance, a 1906 Universal toaster, is Linda Allard, from San Angelo, Texas. She and her husband found it in an old out-building on a farm they bought thirty-two years ago. It is in perfect working condition today!
Second place, a 1909 General Electric toaster. It belongs to Dr. Kenneth Huggins, from Columbia, South Carolina. It was one of the first commercially available electric toasters on the market. --->



Third place, a 1914 Westinghouse turnover toaster, belongs to Frank Mastrolia from Neptune, New Jersey. It is in good shape and working order and originally was his aunt's toaster.

Fourth place is a perfect 1918 waffle iron. It was a wedding gift to the grandma of Brenda Seilhamer, from Xenia, Ohio. It continues to this day to work like a champ.

Fifth place is a 1924 Chambers gas stove! It belongs to Jean Anderson from Youngstown, Ohio. Jean says it cooks for up to an hour after shutting the gas off!

Sixth Place, is a 1926 Bersted electric pancake griddle that belongs to Florence Finne from Hillsborough, New Jersey. Florence is 84 years old and she remembers her father bringing the grill home. It never needed repairs and has the original electric cord.


Seventh place is another beautiful 1929 "Quick Meal" stove! It was manufactured in 1929 and is still in use today. It is owned by Ruth Smith, from Elkhart, Kansas.


Eighth place is a 1929 refrigerator! It belongs to Shirley Orndorff from Pine Bush, New York and is still in working order.


Ninth place, is a 1935 sunbeam Mixmaster that belongs to Ellen Landis. It was passed on from her Grandmother to her mother and than to her. It is still working today.

Tenth place is a 1937 Nesco roaster! Katherine Heylman from Cleveland Heights, Ohio has used it for each and every Thanksgiving and Christmas since 1963.