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JULY 22, 2017

Ed T. in San Antonio sent this picture of his dog Billy Boy. Billy is a dorkie — that's a dachshund mixed with a Yorkie! Ed found Billy living as a stray on the streets in South Texas and had to bring him home.


JULY 15, 2017

Jeri and Bill M. sent this picture of their adorable papillon and corgi mix, Henry the IX (ninth). They got him "used" from a rescue group – he is their ninth pet, and he turned 11 years old on July 1!


JULY 8, 2017

Art in Princeton, N.J., who reads my column in the online Washington Post, sent this picture of his rescued combo tortoise-and-orange tabby, Daniel, who is modeling a hand-knit hat made by Art's daughter. It reads "Meow"!


JULY 1, 2017

Tony S., via email, sent this picture of the gorgeous kitchen space-taker tchotchke on top of the refrigerator, also known as Binx the black cat, with bright-yellow eyes – so stunning!


JUNE 24, 2017

Anne and Anthony sent a picture via email of their precious Yorkie, Diva. Diva is almost ten years old. She limps on her left front leg a little, so they take her to physical therapy once a month.


JUNE 17, 2017

Beth D. in Pittsburgh, PA shared two pictures of her adorable black pug, Fergus, "helping" her with her ironing. He is lying on the clothes, thereby pressing them!


JUNE 10, 2017

David and Dale sent a picture of their delightful Dalmatians, Tucker and Rosco. Wow, that's a lotta spots!


JUNE 3, 2017

Anna in Austin, TX sent a picture of her gorgeous Bengal kitten, King Rollie. Rollie has amazing, regal spots, and truly looks like royalty. Oh, and Anna just became a veterinarian, so Rollie is in the best of hands. No doubt he will be treated like a king!


MAY 27, 2017

Betty in Austin, TX sent pictures of her furry-for-sure golden long-haired cat, Patrick, before and after a trim! He looks like a different fellow!


MAY 20, 2017

Norma in San Antonio sent a picture of her frosty-faced pit bull mix, Ruby. Norma rescued Ruby off the streets, and boy, did Ruby hit the jackpot! She's had a fabulous, spoiled life.


MAY 13, 2017

Dear Readers: A reader in southeast Tennessee sent a picture of her Shih tzu, S'Mores, and her Poodle, Jasper. They are sleeping cheek to cheek, you might say.


MAY 6, 2017

Diane V. in Texarkana, TX sent a picture of her 14-year-old white, brown, and black, green-eyed marbled cat, Ruby. Diane says Ruby thinks she's a dog! Ruby hangs out with the dog, and chases the other cat!


APRIL 29, 2017

Dear Readers: Suzanne M. in Brookline, NH sent a picture of her sixteen-year-old gray and white domestic longhair, Leo, admiring some flowers on her countertop. One caveat, Suzanne – be sure the flowers are not harmful to Leo.


APRIL 22, 2017

Doris and Henry in Spring Branch, TX sent a picture of some wild turkeys they feed on their property. The turkeys are tame, or just really hungry!


APRIL 15, 2017

Gloria S. in Huber Heights, OH sent a picture of her Turkish Van, Sugar Baby. Sugar Baby is a handsome boy, even more so decked out in his St. Patrick's Day hat!


APRIL 8, 2017

Helen in Port Aransas, TX sent in a picture of her 10-year-old fawn colored Chihuahua, Ernie, having a nap on a heart-themed blanket for Valentine's day. Ernie is female - Helen named her after the lady who gave her the dog, Ernestine!


APRIL 1, 2017

Dianne G. emailed a picture of her 14-year-old Beagle, Henry, catching a "catnap" with 5-week-old Peaches, a kitten she is fostering. They are snuggled together - so cute!


MARCH 25, 2017

Jack Russell Terrier, Bo Bo. Bo Bo is holding on to two yummy cookies in his mouth - he's not letting go of either one!


MARCH 18, 2017

Ginny in Spring Branch, TX sent a funny picture of her goat Billy, standing in her wheelbarrow! Maybe Billy wants to help with the yard work.


MARCH 4, 2017

A reader via email sent a picture of her rescued Maltese mix, Jill, aka Jilly Bean, fresh from her favorite groomer relaxing in front of the fire place. She is approximately 12 1/2 years young!


FEBRUARY 25, 2017

Terri G. emailed a picture of her absolutely precious Yorkie, BoJangles, in a festive red and white striped tie – so cute!


FEBRUARY 18, 2017

Mrs. Wilbur J. in Monmouth, IL sent a picture of her gorgeous long-haired gray cat, Grayson, sitting in the office, watching the phone. He is expecting an important call!


FEBRUARY 11, 2017

Sharon C. emailed a picture of her gorgeous rescued Bischon mix, Milo, sporting a festive holiday wreath scarf. Milo was adopted from a Bischon rescue. Did you know? Any breed you're looking for, there is probably a Rescue group for that breed – check it out online, or call your shelter for more information.


FEBRUARY 4, 2017

We found a lilttle turtle here at Heloise Central in the parking lot. He (or she?) is so cute! We even shot some video of him/her scooting along with purpose! What should the name be? How about Tucker the Turtle? That's kind of a unisex name!


JANUARY 28, 2017

Ruth Z. in Pittsburgh, PA sent a picture of her gorgeous adopted tri-colored, green-eyed cat, Purrsephone (pronounced PURRS-sef-fonee). Ruth rescued Purrsephone from a campground. What a lucky cat! Ruth is a bona fide "Crazy Cat Lady" – she has several pampered cats.


JANUARY 21, 2017

Laura D. in San Antonio sent a picture of her gorgeous rescued cat Satsuki (meaning "bloom" in Japanese) and her Golden Retriever Willow, snuggling in the kitchen on the same bed - they are seemingly best buddies!


JANUARY 14, 2017

A reader in Big Timber, Montana invites us to meet Boltz. Boltz is a beautiful one-year-old Border Collie who has the cutest half-white and half-black face, and he is comfy, snuggled up against the couch.


JANUARY 7, 2017

Tony L. in San Antonio sent a picture of his English Bulldog/Cocker Spaniel mixes, Sir Loin and Lady, celebrating Lady's birthday by eating special birthday cookies. Could they also be saying, Happy Birthday, 2017?




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