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DECEMBER 31, 2005

Carolyn H. of Decatur, Alabama sent in a photo of Shadow a chow/keeshond mix. This neighbor's dog decided to adopt Carolyn after her husband died unexpectantly. He has been her guardian for more than six years now.


DECEMBER 24, 2005

Arline Nenni of Goffstown, New Hampshire sent in a cute photo of Bongo her granddaughters Maltese who is dressed up for a family gahteing. The dress and matching hair bow are too cute!


DECEMBER 17, 2005

Lynn Scribner of Palestine, Texas sent a photo of her Golden Retreiver, Tucker watching television. She says, "No one believed me when I said he loves to watch the animal shows."


DECEMBER 10, 2005

Hortence Cook of Winslow, ME sent in a sweet photo of her great-granddaughter's 7-week-old kitten, Precious, drinking from a pet baby bottle.


DECEMBER 3, 2005

Steve Owens, of Gastonia, North Carolina, sent in a photo of Ivan, the
bird dog, precariously "perched" in a pedestal bird bath. Steve also
included the caption: "Ivan thinks that because he is a bird dog that he should be able to get wet in the bird bath."


NOVEMBER 26, 2005

Irma Ward of Middletown, New Jersey sent us a photo of her dog “Luvee” in a basket of flowers. Irma says that Luvee is really a basket full of love and that everyone loves her! This photo looks like a professional portrait.


NOVEMBER 19, 2005

Lorraine Huppe of Manchester, NH sent in a photo of her sharing her pillow with "Maisy" the rat terrier. The photo is adorable and gave us all a smile.


NOVEMBER 12, 2005

Al Erekson of Sandy, Utah sent a photo of their cat Ralph, licking his chops because they were barbecuing. I guess he was ready for his steak!


NOVEMBER 5, 2005

Rosalyn Hurley of Dickinson, Texas sent in a photo of her precious 6-week-old kitten George. George is checking himself out in a couple of mirrors seeing just how pretty he is.


OCTOBER 29, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hooker of Bandera, Texas sent a photo of "daddy Forrest" and T.C. (the cat) reading the San Antonio Express News. They both keep up to date on important news.


OCTOBER 22, 2005

Ellyn Fitzpatrick of Hampstead, NH sent in a photo of her "poly" cat, Dunlop. He has a total of 25 toes!


OCTOBER 15, 2005

Shirley and Robert Martin of New Sharon, Maine sent a picture of their "animal shelter refugee" a cated named Sweetie, who is dancing and singing for her teaspoonful of milk, which she has done for the past two and a half years.


OCTOBER 8, 2005

Marilyn Williams of Houston sent us a photo of her poodle, Savannah, kissing Natasha, a precious little calico kitten.


OCTOBER 1, 2005

Sonja of Salt Lake City sent in a cute picture of Kyah, a long-haired Chihuahua, lying on a Chihuahua welcome mat.


SEPTEMBER 24, 2005

Elsie Norden of Walnut, Ill., sent us this photo of her cat, Kitty, lying right next to a sign that states: "Every birdie Welcome." I guess she is the welcoming "comm-kittee," saying, "Come one, come all."


SEPTEMBER 17, 2005

Jean Johnson of Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., sent in this cute photo of her dog, Max, who looks like a black furball sitting in a mailbox with a sign that states "Going Home." Jean writes, "The sign signified we were leaving Florida and going back to New Jersey."


SEPTEMBER 10, 2005

Leanne Teinert of New Ulm, Texas, sent this photo of her two 10-week-old puppies, a border collie and blue heeler mix. One puppy has black eyes, and the other one has blue eyes. She named the puppies Black and Blue.



Karen Ross of Sunbury, Pa., sent in this adorable photo of her beagle/cocker-spaniel mix, Chip. The photo shows Chip relaxing on the living-room couch with a pillow and a throw. He's one happy, pampered pooch!



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