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DECEMBER 30, 2006

Eileen Floyd of San Diego, California sent in a photo of 3+1/2 year old Barney, a cute combination of cocker spaniel and bichon frise.  He is resting on the bed after a full day of playing.


DECEMBER 23, 2006

Larry and Debbie Wall of Gastonia, North Carolina sent in a photo of Co-Co their 4 year old cocker spaniel all dressed up in his red hat and red, white and blue kerchief and ready to go.


DECEMBER 16, 2006

Al Henderson of Dallas, N.C. sent in a photo of Pepe, his chihuahua who he says "talks."


DECEMBER 9, 2006

Colleen Anderson of Centerville, Utah sent in a photo of her kitty Cara peering out the window looking at a chipmunk eating seeds.


DECEMBER 2, 2006

Eileen Floyd of San Diego, California sent a photo of her 3+1/2 year old dog, Barney holding his favorite toy, Willie the gorilla.


NOVEMBER 25, 2006

Linda from Circleville, Ohio sent in a photo of her daughter, Emily Clark's Chihuahua, Chaps deciding on a toy from his toy rack.


NOVEMBER 18, 2006

Judith Weinstein of Flemington, New Jersey sent in a photo of Punim, her 11-year-old, half Siamese cat playing peek-a-boo out of an opening in her cat condo.


NOVEMBER 11, 2006

Avalon Ingram of Grapeland, Texas sent in a photo of "Early Bird" her pet rooster.? Early Bird is standing on the back of a chair next to the stove and peering into a pot, it seems she might be thinking, "chicken soup-not again."


NOVEMBER 4, 2006

Frances Miller of Whitefield, Maine sent in a photo of her 6-month-old cat, Patience watching golf on television.


OCTOBER 28, 2006

Norma Donchevsky of Whiting, New Jersey sent in a photo of her grandson, Joseph with baby Nicholas laying on him and Rocky, their yellow lab with his head on the baby. They are all sound asleep and snug as bugs on a rug, in this case on the couch!


OCTOBER 21, 2006

David and Clara Boudreau of Fairfield, Maine, sent a picture of their triple dapple mini-dachshund singing to their tri-colored cat, which appears to be lounging in a brown paper bag.


OCTOBER 14, 2006

Jennifer Huss of Crouse, North Carolina sent a photo of Belle, a dalmation and Ashes, a rabbit. Ashes is sitting on one of two Harley motorcycles as Belle sits nearby.


OCTOBER 7, 2006

Donna Barnhill of San Antonio sent in a photo of Whiskers, a 13-year-old female orange tabby, who is taking a catnap in Donna's sock drawer.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2006

Grammie Elizabeth of Waterville, Maine sent in a photo of Freddie, a black and white rat, sitting on a miniature snowmobile, which is really a cologne decanter from way back.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2006

Eveyln M. Houghton of Houston, Texas sent a photo of her white poodle, Sam taking a walk with some of the neighborhood pets.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2006

Leigh Botsford sent a photo of her golden retreiver, Dodge with his eyes closed standing outside while it is snowing.



John and Carolyn Schwebel of Leonardo, New JErsey sent in a photo of their cat Magic tucked into a box nice and neat.



Peg Bottone of Middletown, NJ sent in a photo of her cat Boo sitting at the family's pools edge, checking out two ducks swimming in the middle.


AUGUST 26, 2006

Shelley Holcomb of Overland Park, Kansas sent in a photo of her 5-year-old Manx cat named Buster, stuffed in his favorite place, a basket labeled


AUGUST 19, 2006

Charles and Pat Zitzman of Carlisle, Pennsylvania sent in a photo of their red poodle, Aimee. It seems Aimee found a visitor's "binky."


AUGUST 12, 2006

Tom and Debbie Heim of Jersey Shore, PA sent in a photo of Pande, a short-haired Chihuahua standing in a wading pool.


AUGUST 5, 2006

Marie Wylie of Midland, Michigan sent in a picture of her daughter's Boston Terrier, Jasper, cuddled on a doll couch with his favorite doll that looks like a little girl.


JULY 29, 2006

Jean Swanson of San Antonio, Texas sent in a photo of Eenie and Scaredy, two feral cats she has tamed and claimed as her own. They are nuzzling head to head.


JULY 22, 2006

Patricia Luntz of Youngstown, Ohio sent in a photo of her sister's then 7-week-old Italian Greyhound, Luigi, who loves to catch leaves in mid air.


JULY 15, 2006

Mrs. Ginny Price of York Haven, Pennsylvania sent in a photo of her grey
cat Cuddles sitting quite comfortably in the towel cupboard.


JULY 8, 2006

The Thomsen Family in Magna, Utah sent in a photo of their cat Piddle. Piddle loves to sit on the exercise bike and watch his family.


JULY 1, 2006

Gail Berish of San Antonio, Texas sent in a photo of her miniature pinchers, Casey and Caesar cuddling on the couch taking a nap holding each other with heads snuggled like dancers.


JUNE 24, 2006

Barbara Hickman of MIdland, Michigan sent in a photo of her cat, Bandit sitting in a plant pot hanging from a macrame hanger.


JUNE 17, 2006

Heloise and Grand Empress Cabberine (our adored miniature schnauzer) with floral saddle bags and officals of the Delta Society at the Pooch Parade in San Antonio during Fiesta.


JUNE 10, 2006

Jolene Motter of Kirksville, Missouri sent in a photo of her daughter's Schnauzer, Cody sleeping on the stairs.  She says, "He is so cute and smart and he always takes his naps on the stairs."


JUNE 3, 2006

Carol Dutcher of Midland, MI sent in a photo of her 3-year-old black and white cat named Sacha who loves to play chess with their human son Mark. In the photo Sacha is studing a book of chess and perfecting some of his moves to a checkmate.


MAY 27, 2006

Susan and Gary Burgess of Midland, Michigan sent in a photo of their cat Fauxpaw. She is a polydactyl cat with a total of 26 toes!


MAY 20, 2006

Kirstin Paltz, of Oxnard, California, sent in a photo of Taz, her cat, sitting in a laundry basket. "Taz loves the laundry basket and every time anyone does the laundry, he is right there to help," she says.


MAY 13, 2006

Niki Warren, of Jacksonville, Florida, sent in a photo of EmmaLee, her Italian greyhound, who is always bringing a token from her outside scavenger hunts. She brought a butterfly in her mouth to her shocked owners.


MAY 6, 2006

Janie Mitchell, of Waterville, Maine, sent in a photo of her cat, Calvin Coolidge, a 9-year-old Maine Coon cat, retreating into his little cat house.


APRIL 29, 2006

Christine A. Trott, of Erie, Pennsylvania, sent in a photo of Tango and Cash, her friend Noelle's dogs. The 7-year-old, short-hair German pointers (and brothers) are wearing their shades while resting in chairs.


APRIL 22, 2006

Bill and Myra Rasmussen, of Cleveland, Tennessee, sent a photo of Mr. Bean, their one-year-old Chihuahua, cuddling with his pal Jaffy, a two-year-old tuxedo (black and white) cat. They look snug as a couple of bugs on a rug!


APRIL 15, 2006

Mary Scott of Hooksett, New Hampshire sent a photo of her barn cat, Tigger who loves to keep warm in cool weather by snuggling on top of their miniature horse, Smokie Joe. Mary says, "You could say she's a pro at bareback!"


APRIL 8, 2006

Anthony and Jackie Russo, of Red Bank, New Jersey, sent in a photo of Birdie, their cairn terrier, watching the world go by with Sallyann, their granddaughter. They are both looking out the front door checking on what's going on in the neighborhood.


APRIL 1, 2006

Donna Burgess of Milford, New Hampshire sent in a photo of her cat Milo inside the recess of her washing machine.  Donna says, "Milo the curious cat explores everywhere, even the recess of my washer."


MARCH 25, 2006

Dick and Bettie Black, of San Antonio, Texas, sent in a photo of Molly, their dog, sitting up begging. "Molly is a shepherd mix adopted from the San Antonio Humane Society," the Blacks say.


MARCH 18, 2006

Cindy Lemmon, of Bountiful, Utah, sent in a photo of Prince, her large black-and-white fluff ball, and Candice, her daughter, doing morning aerobics. They are both stretched out on their backs ready to go.


MARCH 11, 2006

Diane Sides, of Kilgore, Texas, sent a picture of Sophie, her yellow lab, partaking in a tea party with Gabriella, Diane's granddaughter, who has the table set and is serving her patiently waiting guest.


MARCH 4, 2006

Mrs. Ann Ray, of Florence, Alabama, sent a photo of her cat Callie nestled in a plant pot. "We thought you would enjoy this picture of our little calico. We think she looks like meringue on a pie when she curls up in the top of our flower pot," she says.


FEBRUARY 25, 2006

Doris McBeth, of Manheim, Pennsylvania, sent a photo of Scooter, a one-year-old gray cat perched over the top of a computer monitor as Doris is playing solitaire. It looks like he's patiently waiting his turn!


FEBRUARY 18, 2006

Ruth Collingsworth, of Mexia, Texas, sent an adorable photo of Michael, her cat, lounging, while propped up in a corner, and looking at the camera as if saying, "is time out over yet?"


FEBRUARY 11, 2006

Dianne Levesque, of Winslow, Maine, sent in a photo of her two cats, Pierre and Lucy, cuddling in the bathroom sink. "Pierre used to have the sink all to himself until Lucy came along. But at least he's willing to share," according to Dianne.


FEBRUARY 4, 2006

Brenda Messer, of Gastonia, North Carolina, sent us a photo of her dog Kirby, who keeps his favorite ball all to himself—holding a big colorful ball in his mouth.


JANUARY 28, 2006

Walter and Betty Lucas, of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, sent us a photo of their miniature Schnauzer, Rascal "driving" a child's sports car. “Our rascal loves to pose for pictures," they say.


JANUARY 21, 2006

Donna and Lucette Wolfe of Winslow, ME sent a photo of Minou the Bengal tiger cat who loves to sleep with his (stuffed animal) buddy, Bradley the bear. Whenever they can't find Minou, he is usually with his buddy.


JANUARY 14, 2006

Paula Pierce of Montalba, Texas sent a unique picture of Mrs. Mugsy the dog posing next to a deer who is laying down in the hay. They both are definitely mugging it up for the camera.


JANUARY 7, 2006

Holly loves her treats and knows where to find them in her own cupboard drawer which she opens with her paw.



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