Tattoo Removal Program

Dear Heloise,


The last time we spoke about the tattoo removal program, I had expanded our first group of volunteers to a Texas-wide program for teens and adults who all must get rid of a tattoo to get into the military, keep their scholarships, romances gone sour or bad memories.


Adults don't want their children to see anything associated with gang lifestyle or have difficulty counseling teenagers to keep them out of trouble when they themselves show what many perceive as a bad character attribute.  People see criminals wearing tattoos on television shows.  Employers still require "tattoo free" in their workforce in a majority of their businesses and service organizations.


The TOBIL (Tattoo Obliteration by Infrared Light) is available in many states now, either by volunteer doctors in "free for under 18" programs as we have in Texas, or in private facilities.  The cost is minimal compared to the equally-effective laser removal of tattoos and the time involved is much less, making it a desirable alternative for hundreds of people.  (See our website at  Our group in South America has now removed over 20 thousand tattoos, the "mark of the devil", to get on with their lives.

Anyone who sends us a fax (210-495-7145) will get a reply listing the closest program.  Others have chosen to fly to San Antonio because it is less expensive than laser removal.  If someone likes their tattoo, they won't be calling us!  We are also looking for volunteer physicians to oversee programs in other states.  They will take our training course, then offer this service sponsored by a religious organization, a youth counseling group or a social service club like the Kiwanis.  We help them get started.

Once again, thanks for your help n publicizing this program.  We received hundreds of letters when you last printed this information from prisoners who face the dilemma of job rejection because of tattoos.  They almost out-number those who have made the wrong choice in tattoos and are ready to undergo anything to get rid of them.

Tolbert S. Wilkinson, M.D.
San Antonio, Texas


Dear Dr. Wilkinson,

It's been over 3 years since I printed the information from you on this subject.  One fact that remains the same is a tattoo may be considered art or a personal statement by some, by a negative sign by others.  For those who have changed their minds, this program is just the "ticket" to start anew... without a negative tattoo.  Thank you and all of the people who make this program possible.